The Guardian åpner nyhetsdesken for leserne

“Help shape the Guardian’s news coverage by talking to editors and reporters about upcoming stories as we work on them”, skriver britiske The Guardian.
Avisa legger nå ut arbeidslisten sin på nett, slik at leserne kan påvirke innholdet.

“What if readers were able to help newsdesks work out which stories were worth investing precious reporting resources in? What if all those experts who delight in telling us what’s wrong with our stories after they’ve been published could be enlisted into giving us more clues beforehand? What if the process of working out what to investigate actually becomes part of the news itself? … The idea is to publish a carefully-selected portion of the national, international and business newslists on this daily blog and encourage people to get in touch with reporters and editors via Twitter if they have ideas.”

Utdrag fra saken The Guardian is opening up its newslists so you can help us make news
Her vil du også se nyhetslisten.

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